Policy research and analysis

Good and reliable information is priceless!

We provide our clients with timely, relevant and reliable information on policy developments and impending legislative changes which could impact them. This combines specific daily, weekly and/or monthly reports depending on our clients’ needs with an early warning system in case of major new policy and/or regulatory developments.

Our in-depth understanding of both the policy-making and the regulatory environment of the EU and International organisations such as the WTO, allows us to highlight policy changes. We provide our clients with sound analysis of the issues at stake and their implications, through interpretation and evaluation of regulatory and political trends.

Coalition building & association management

One of Insight Consulting strengths is its ability to help its clients forge key alliances with other stakeholders who share similar interests on specific issues in order to achieve tangible results.

We have successfully established and continue to manage several important coalitions. We have a recognised expertise in the creation and management of associations, such as:

OriGIn – the international network of geographical indications’ producers: http://www.origin-gi.com

EFOW - the European Federation of Origin Wines: http://www.efow.eu

Government relations & EU representation

The European and international institutions have their own written and unwritten rules. To be successful in your lobbying campaign, you have to be aware of what these are and play the game fairly.

Insight Consulting help its clients to efficiently present their cases to the relevant stakeholders in the decision-making process. Most of our clients take a step further and ask us to officially represent them towards the European institutions and international organisations. We are often considered as integral part of their team.

Thanks to our excellent network of contacts, we facilitate access to institutions, industry, trade sector and consumers associations as well as to the press corps in Brussels.

Device & implementation of lobbying campaigns

Aware of the specificities of each case, we define, in consultation with our clients, the strategic approach which is best suited. Our main objective is to enable our clients to make their voice heard in the discussions so that their views are taken into account by policy makers. To this end, we develop strategic and tactical advice which is focused on our clients’ needs but which also takes into consideration the wider political and legal framework. Finally, we make sure to use the best available tools and communication channels.