Public Affairs

  • Policy development monitoring and analysis

We offer a regular and reliable monitoring service of the political and legislative developments that may have an impact on your activities. We provide our clients with sound analysis of the issues at stake and their implications, through interpretation and evaluation of regulatory and political trends.

  • Coalition building & association management

One of our key strengths is our ability to help clients forge key alliances with other stakeholders and to work with them on specific issues to achieve tangible results. We have successfully established several important coalitions and have a recognised expertise in the management of European associations.

  • Government relations & EU representation

We help you to present your positions clearly and effectively to the different actors involved in decision making. Most of our clients take a step further and ask us to officially represent them towards the European institutions and international organisations. We are often considered as integral part of their team.

  • Definition and implementation of lobby campaigns

We support you strategically but also in a practical way to influence the political, legislative and media environment to allow a consideration of your interests.

we develop strategic and tactical advice which is focused on our clients’ needs but which also takes into consideration the wider political and legal framework. Our main objective is to enable our clients to make their voice heard in the discussions so that their views are taken into account by policy makers.

Public Relations

  •  Event management

Insight Consulting regularly organises events and seminars on various topics which are important to our clients. Our added value derives from our ability to combine quality content with effective event formats in terms of communication, whether these formats are round tables, conferences, or press events (press trips and press conferences).

  • Relations with the media

Insight Consulting has a solid experience in media relations. Thanks to our close contacts with journalists we are able to leverage this communication tool.

  • Communication campaigns

Insight Consulting defines and develops specific communication campaigns for its clients making use of the best tools available, including social media.